7th May 2021 | Newsletter

7th May 2021 | Newsletter

This week has been particularly exciting as we have been able to restart school trips, the first  in over a year. Year 4 pupils enjoyed there first swimming lessons and year 5 have visited the Inta University team at St Aiden’s community centre and have been learning about planets the plants. Both classes represented themselves and the school excellently. We hope that all year groups will soon have a chance to begin their learning outside the classroom. 

Co-op Champions!  

*Jack *Denis *Fawwaz * Jeylani *Rameen *Aleshan *Amaan *Ike *Melisa * Kianna  * Nandu  * Muse  * Anwaar  * Micah

After school lessons.

Well done to all pupils who have attended tutoring sessions or after school learning groups. It has been fantastic to see their commitment to learning. I would also like to thank all staff who have worked additional hours to make sure these sessions are able to take place. Our focus on ensuring that no child falls behind in learning remains our priority
If you have any concerns about your child’s learning or progress or the effects of Covid and lockdown please speak to a member of our team. 

National online Safety

As a school we understand the importance of online safety and we want to ensure we share the latest information with you to help keep all children safe online. Alongside weekly newsletters we will also be sharing with you regular online safety leaflets as well as links to videos and resources for you to watch. As a school we are aiming to become an accredited National online safety school. 

If you are concerned about your child’s safety online please speak to a member of our team.


Attending school has always been important but it is more important now than ever. We expect children to attend school every day and arrive on time. If your child is unable to attend due to illness please ring the school office on 0113249539 to let them know. Try to arrange dental or other appointments where possible outside school hours. We want every to receive the best possible education and this can only happen when they are in school and attending every lesson.