08th October 2021 | Newsletter

08th October 2021 | Newsletter

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Healthy schools

Eating and drinking healthily is a big part of what we try to teach children. Our school policy on eating clearly states that children should only drink water or milk in the classroom and that sweets and fizzy pop are not allowed in packed lunches. Please only send water in water bottles and do not put sweets or fizzy drinks in packed lunches. Thank you

Draft Behaviour policy Questionnaire

Thank you to all those parents who took the time to complete our questionnaire around the policy. The responses have been very helpful and we appreciate your help in creating our policy. 

96% of parents felt that the rules were clearly shared

95% thought it was clear what sanctions and rewards were used.

92% of parents felt the policy clearly showed that the academy will deal with behaviours in an appropriate way.

95% of parents felt they could agree to the parental responsibilities outlined in the policy. 

94% of parents felt that the policy reflected our values and the community. 

We will also follow up where possible on comments made and individual responses.