7th January 2022 | Newsletter

Happy New Year to all our families.

Although it has been a short week it has been great to see all the pupils around school enjoying their learning and getting back into new routines. Here are a few pictures of the good work that has gone on in school.

COVID up-date

Rules that we must all still follow:

If your child has any of the following symptoms:

  • High Temperature
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • New continuous cough

You must keep them at home and get a PCR test. Please do not send children into school with these symptoms. Use the link/ email below to arrange a test


If your child has had close contact with a positive Covid case the advice now is to test daily for 7 days from first contact. This should be done in the morning before sending your child to school. Test packs can be ordered from the NHS website.


Finally, the government have changed the length of isolation. You can now give your child a lateral flow test on day 6 (not before) and then again 24hrs later on day 7. If both tests are negative and your child does not have a temperature they can return to school. If either test is positive you must continue with the full 10-day isolation. 

All of this changing guidance can be confusing so if you are unsure please ring the school and a member of staff will guide you through the right actions. 

New Behaviour App

This term we will be trying out a new behaviour app. Children will be electronically awarded positive points for following the school rules or for showing great progress in their learning. Negative behaviours will also be recorded and shared with the child. This system will ensure that children across schools are rewarded and sanctioned in a consistent way as well as ensure all children know how well they are doing with their behaviour. The aim is to share this app eventually (hopefully in February) with parents to ensure you have daily updates on your child’s progress in school. We will let you know nearer the time when this app is ready to go live. 

Your Voice survey

Thank you to all those parents who completed your voice survey back in November. Please see the attached leaflet which identifies the top three priorities for improvement that were identified from parents and students. We will keep you updated on the work that the Academy does to address these.