Children with health needs who cannot attend school policy

Date reviewed – 26/09/2021

Next review date – 26/09/2024

Approved by:

Head Teacher: Beverley Blanchfield

Chair of Governors: Chair of Governors


1. Aims 3

2. Legislation and guidance

3. The responsibilities of the school

4. Monitoring arrangements

5. Links to other policies

1. Aims

This policy aims to ensure that:

  • Suitable education is arranged for pupils on roll who cannot attend school due to health needs
  • Pupils, staff and parents understand what the school is responsible for when this education is being provided by the local authority

2. Legislation and guidance

This policy reflects the requirements of the Education Act 1996.

It is also based on guidance provided by our local authority. This policy complies with our funding agreement and articles of association.

3. The responsibilities of the school

3.1 If the school makes arrangements

Initially, the school will attempt to make arrangements to deliver suitable education for children with health needs who cannot attend school.

This will include

  • The SENCo being  responsible for making and monitoring these arrangements

These arrangements could include remote learning through the google platform, 1:1 home learning sessions delivered by a member of the teaching team at Brownhill.

  • Reintegration of pupils back into school learning will be made and guided by health professionals but may include phased returns. 

3.2 If the local authority makes arrangements

If the school can’t make suitable arrangements, Leeds Local Authority will become responsible for arranging suitable education for these children.

In cases where the local authority makes arrangements, the school will:

  • Work constructively with the local authority, providers, relevant agencies and parents to ensure the best outcomes for the pupil
  • Share information with the local authority and relevant health services as required
  • Help make sure that the provision offered to the pupil is as effective as possible and that the child can be reintegrated back into school successfully
  • When reintegration is anticipated, work with the local authority to:
  • Plan for consistent provision during and after the period of education outside the school, allowing the pupil to access the same curriculum and materials that they would have used in school as far as possible
  • Enable the pupil to stay in touch with school life (e.g. through newsletters, emails, invitations to school events or internet links to lessons from their school)
  • Create individually tailored reintegration plans for each child returning to school
  • Consider whether any reasonable adjustments need to be made

4. Monitoring arrangements

This policy will be reviewed annually by the headteacher. At every review, it will be approved by the full governing board.

5. Links to other policies

This policy links to the following policies:

  • Accessibility plan
  • Supporting pupils with medical conditions