1st October 2021 | Newsletter

1st October 2021 | Newsletter

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Aim High Family Challenge

Wanting to work together to Aim high? Why not try this.

At the start of the week, get together with your household to share ideas for challenges you can all take part in. You could try new food, reduce your screen time, work to improve your personal best in a game, recycle instead of buying something new, start a new book, or try a new craft. Choose challenges for each other that will stretch – but not be so hard you stand no chance of succeeding. Share your successes with us. 

For more ideas visit the parent website for our skills builder curriculum.


I have really enjoyed children telling me about how they have aimed high. A child in Year 5 told me she had aimed high by deciding to learn to ride her bike and she has now succeeded.  Another told me how they were aiming for learning their 6 times tables. Well done Brownhill.

Do you want to help your child to succeed in reading? 

Listening to your child read daily has a huge impact on their ability to read and learn. All children from Nursery to year 6 benefit from daily reading. 

Visit these websites for great ideas on how to do this. 





The current whole school attendance is 95.1. This is below the school’s target of 96% Please do your best to ensure that dentist, medical appointments are made outside of school hours. Remember to call the school on 01132489539 to report any school absences. 


Road works at the end of Torre Drive are causing additional difficulties with traffic. Please drive and park respectfully. Do not park or stop on the yellow zig-zag lines.