For our Computing (ICT) lessons, we follow the Rising Stars curriculum.

‘Switched on Computing’ for years 1 to 6
‘Switched on ICT in the Early Years’ for nursery and reception

From nursery, all the way to year 6, we ensure all children have access to an extensive Computing curriculum. Every topic in the curriculum is aligned with the requirements of the Computing programme of study from the National Curriculum.

Year 1 to 6 Computing topics

Each week, we provide dedicated Computing lessons for every class. These lessons have a range of exciting and current topics that include many different aspects of Computing.

In other subjects, we provide lots of opportunities for cross-curricular use of ICT.

e-Safety / Online Safety

We ensure e-Safety / Online Safety is front and centre. Each lesson begins with a safety recap, which includes general ways to keep safe while using ICT. We also include ways to keep safe that are tailored to the specific tasks in that lesson.


Each module has its own specific assessment tasks. These make sure everyone’s on task and doing ok.

The tasks are:

  • Diagnostic – Whole class questions to quickly ascertain if we’re all keeping up
  • Written – Individual worksheets, with multiple choice or written responses
  • Practical – Individual worksheets or other tasks that are hands-on