5th November 2021 | Newsletter

5th November 2021 | Newsletter

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Parents Consultations

Next week we are holding parent consultations. Please ensure you have made an appointment through the ParentMail app or through the link in the email sent to you on Wednesday. If you are having problems booking an appointment this can be done for you by ringing the school office and speaking to a member of our team. All meetings are face to face this term. The meetings are a great way to find out what your child has been learning and what next steps they will be taking in the learning journey. Please join us. We are excited to be able to invite you once again into school. 

Can we kindly request that parents only arrive at the allotted time to avoid large crowds. 

Parental Engagement survey

Thank you to all parents who responded to our Parental engagement survey. 116 parents in total responded, which is our highest total yet for a parent survey. Your responses help us to make sure that we are meeting the needs of your child and your family.

From the survey the top 6 activities that parents wanted to be part of in-school were.

1. Being invited in to share your child’s learning

2. Christmas performances

3. Morning exercise sessions

4. Information sessions to help parents support their child in learning

5. Reading with your child in class

6. Class Assemblies.

Throughout the year we will ensure all of these opportunities are available to you and your family. This half term we will be running morning exercise sessions and inviting all parents into school to look at their children’s work. Please see below for more details. 

Morning exercise sessions.

Next week we will begin morning exercise sessions for all children and you as a parent are invited to join them. This is a free session that will run for 6 weeks and is a great way to get in some weekly exercise with your child.. All you need to do, at 9:00, is stay in the line with your child and the session will start at 9:05 till 9:25. The sessions will be run in the playground so remember to come in trainers and warm clothing. In extreme weather conditions, sessions may need to be cancelled but a little drizzle will not put us off. Below are the timings for our sessions starting next week. 

Tuesday Year 4 and 5

Wednesday Year 6 and 3

Thursday Year 2 and 1

Sessions for Reception children will be run in the Summer months when the weather is hopefully a bit warmer. 

After school clubs

Many parents have asked us to increase our after school offer and we are working hard on this. This week we have had after school tutoring sessions in English and Maths, Orchestra practice, climbing wall, football and multi-sports. We will also be starting after school Art clubs shortly. If your child has not yet been invited to a session this is because we are running sessions for different year groups at different times but all children in years 1-6 will be offered PE, Art, Drama, and Music clubs at some point during this year. These sessions are all free of charge to pupils who attend our school.