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Co-op Academy Brownhill (the academy) is part of Co-op Academies Trust (the Trust). The Trust is the admissions authority for the Academy, and is therefore responsible for ensuring that these arrangements are compliant with the Admissions Code 2021.

Following a review of the admissions arrangements across the academies in the Trust, we have decided to update these documents to ensure that they meet the needs of the local community as well as remaining compliant with updated DfE guidance. As such we are undertaking a consultation on the admissions arrangements at each of our academies.

Key highlights from the admissions arrangements include:

Nursery PAN: 52 part-time

Reception PAN: 60

Oversubscription criteria:
If we receive more applications than spaces available, we give children priority for places in the following order:
Priority 1 – Looked after and previously looked after children
Priority 2 – Children with exceptional social or medical needs that can only be met at a specific school
Priority 3 – Children who have a brother or sister attending the school
Priority 4 – Children who live in the catchment area for the school
Priority 5 – Other children by straight line distance

If children meet the same priority (tie break)

In the case of 2 or more applications that cannot be separated by the oversubscription criteria outlined above, the school will use the distance between the school and a child’s home as a tie breaker to decide between applicants. Priority will be given to children who live closest to the school. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the child’s home address to the school’s front gates on Torre Drive. A child’s home address will be considered to be where he/she is resident for the majority of nights in a normal school week. 

Where the distance between 2 children’s homes and the school is the same, random allocation will be used to decide between them. This process will be independently verified.

The full admissions arrangements document for Co-op Academy Brownhill can be found here:

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