Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Visions and Values

At Co-op Academy Brownhill everything we do is driven by our belief that all pupils can and will achieve. It is our goal to empower children through high-quality education to develop, demonstrate and value knowledge and skills that build a foundation for life-long learning. We are committed to the families we serve and to providing a positive, safe and inclusive environment where all are valued, everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated.

We are proud to be part of the Cooperative Academies Trust and our work is underpinned by the Coop ways of being. 

These ways of being are:

Do what matters most

We will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to nurture individuals academically, socially and emotionally so that they are able to tackle academic challenges and become productive members of the community

Show you care

We will provide a safe learning environment, teach mutual respect, promote cooperative values and provide a welcoming atmosphere that creates a sense of belonging amongst families. 

Be yourself, always

We will maintain an inclusive environment that acknowledges and respects all children from diverse families and cultural backgrounds whilst celebrating what our pupils have in common, our Academy, our city and our coop beliefs.

Succeed together

We believe the voice of every individual should be heard and we recognise the importance of communicating with our school community to provide a safe and supportive setting so pupils have the best possible environment in which to be successful. 

At Brownhill, we encourage everyone to follow the ‘Ways of Being Co-op’ within a safe environment where education can prepare all children to be ready for life.