We're keeping safe

Vision and Values

We believe that all children can and will achieve.


Co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity will govern our work, as will our commitment to openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others.

Self-help– We support learners, staff, parents and carers to help themselves. “Pupils become independent learners”

Self-responsibility– We encourage learners, staff, parents and carers to take responsibility for,  and answer to, their actions. “Pupils make the right choices so they can learn and play together in peace and happiness”

Democracy-We give our learners, staff, parents and carers a say in the way our school is run. “Pupils tell us their views through school council and through pupil interviews”

Equality– We believe that the voice of every individual should be heard. “Pupils are encouraged to speak up and they know they have a right to be listened to”

Equity– We run our school in a way that is fair and unbiased. “Pupils treat each other  fairly regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or economic circumstances”

Solidarity– We share interests and common purposes with our learners, staff, parents and carers and with other schools in the community. “Pupils are taught to respect themselves, each other, our school and our world”

Co-operative values support the school’s mission that all children at Brownhill Primary Academy will be STARS. You can read more about this on our STARS page.

S – safe, happy and healthy

T – thoughtful

A – ambitious

R – respectful and resilient

S – successful