Coronavirus - Update
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Our Staff Team


Brownhill Staff Teams    
Executive Head Teacher Mrs G Winterburn Achievement and Attainment
Head of School Mrs B Blanchfield Teaching and Learning
Assistant Headteacher Mr D Weetman Pastoral/Behaviour
Assistant Headteacher Mrs E Kennedy SENCO/Phase Leader/NQT mentor
Assistant Headteacher Miss C Shanks Phase leader/ English/ Behaviour
Teaching Team    


Mrs A McKane



Miss L Watson / Miss C Marshall

Mrs E Merrill

Year 1

Miss H Whiteing

Miss R Mushtaq

Year 2

Miss K Bryden

Mr S Haigh-Scott

Year 3

Miss P Thornton

Mr S Gibson

Year 4

Miss R Gaskell

Mr N Davenport

Year 5


Mrs J Scott

Year 6

Mr D Cummins /  Miss C Shanks

Mr L Hough
Additional Teachers    
Mrs D Foster Miss M Lacken Mrs M Webb
Mr D Cummins Mrs L Jackson Miss I Carne
Parent Support    
Mrs J Summers Child Protection  Pastoral Lead
Mrs N Macdonald EAL  
Miss C.Mullarkey Attendance  
Support Staff Team    
Mrs W Allenby Mrs D Levine Mrs J Seals
Miss M Dawson Mrs S Smith Mrs K Page
Mrs J Hudson Mrs D Garrigan Mrs C Mellor
Mrs D Dyson Mrs Y Hamzshluee Miss M Nosheen
Mrs M Cosgrove Mrs J.Manga Mr L Campbell
Miss B Shaw Miss M Chippendale Miss J Price
Mr A Shaw Miss T Sharlotte Mrs T Akhtar
Mr Jon Foster Miss P Wick Miss T Sharlotte
Mrs J Emmett ICT Technician  
Mr I Ingle Behaviour  
Miss N Browne Office Manager Finance, admissions & personnel
Mrs R Hague Administrator Finance, admissions & personnel
Miss L Fletcher Administrator Attendance, Dinner money
Lunchtime Supervisors    
Mrs R Lacey Mrs T Florey Miss H Firby
Mrs N.Awad Miss C Paulo Lando  
Mr J Smith Superintendent