Our Colleagues

Here is our staff list. We're proud to have a wonderful team of colleagues!

Leadership Team

Head of School – Mrs B Blanchfield

Assistant Headteacher – Mr D Weetman

Assistant Headteacher – Mrs E Kennedy

Assistant Headteacher – Miss C Shanks


Full Name Leadership Team
Pastoral and Behaviour

Pastoral/Behaviour Leader – Mr D Weetman

English/Behaviour/Phase Leader – Miss C Shanks

SENDCo/Phase Leader/NQT Leader – Mrs E Kennedy

Full Name Pastoral and Behaviour

Our SENDCo is Mrs E Kennedy

Find our more about our SEND Offer here


Full Name SENDCo
  • Mrs E Kennedy, our Lead Child Protection Officer
  • Mrs J.Summers, our Child Protection Officer
Full Name Safeguarding
Designated Teacher for Looked after Children

Maggie Webb is our designated staff member for Looked after Children.

Call our main office to speak to Maggie – 0113 2489539

Full Name Designated Teacher for Looked after Children
Parent Support
  • Child Protection – Mrs J Summers
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) – Mrs N Macdonald
  • Attendance – Miss C Mullarkey
Full Name Parent Support
Support Team
  • Mrs J Emmett (ICT Technician)
  • Mr J Ingle (Behaviour)
  • Mrs W Allenby
  • Mrs J Seals
  • Mr A Coates
  • Miss M Dawson
  • Mrs S Smith
  • Mrs K Page
  • Mrs J Hudson
  • Mrs D Garrigan
  • Mrs C Mellor
  • Mrs D Dyson
  • Mrs Y Hamzshluee
  • Miss M Nosheen
  • Mrs M Cosgrove
  • Mrs J.Manga
  • Mrs T Akhtar
  • Miss B Shaw
  • Miss M Chippendale
  • Miss J Price
  • Mr A Shaw
  • Miss S Jones
  • Mrs V Bell-Hughes
  • Mr Jon Foster
  • Mrs D Levine
Full Name Support Team
Early Years Foundation Stage


  • Mrs A McKane


  • Miss L Tetley
  • Mrs E Merrill
  • Miss R Foster
Full Name Early Years Foundation Stage
Key Stage 1

Year 1

  • Miss C Marshall
  • Miss R Mushtaq

Year 2

  • Miss H Weston
  • Miss H Whiteing
Full Name Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

Year 3

  • Miss P Thornton
  • Miss R Gaskell

Year 4

  • Mr S Gibson
  • Mr N Davenport

Year 5

  • Mrs J Scott
  • Miss J Graham

Year 6

  • Miss K Bryden
  • Miss R Smith
Full Name Key Stage 2
Additional Teachers
  • Mrs D Foster
  • Mr N Smith
  • Mrs L Jackson
  • Miss I Carne
  • Miss M Lacken
  • Mrs Stewart
  • Mrs M Webb
Full Name Additional Teachers
  • Office Manager – Miss N Browne (Finance, Admissions & Personnel)
  • Administrator – Miss L Fletcher (Attendance, Dinner money)
  • Administrator – Mrs R Atha (Finance, Admissions & Personnel)
Full Name Administration  
Lunchtime Supervisors
  • Mrs R Lacey
  • Mrs T Florey
  • Miss H Firby
  • Mrs N Awad
  • Miss C Paulo Lando
  • Mrs H Correia-Tavares
  • Mrs S Hussain
  • Mrs C Dawson
Full Name Lunchtime Supervisors

Our Premises Superintendent is Mr J Smith

Full Name Premises